Our Company

Headquartered in Woodland Hills, California, ATMology is a subsidiary of Credit Card Industry, Inc. Credit Card Industry was founded in 2001 by Robert Israel and Sargon Givargis, with a goal to add value to merchants nationwide and make a positive contribution to their lives. Credit Card Industry aims to always give full disclosure and to use ethical business practices so to never violate our merchants’ trust. Whether our merchant, partner, employee, or sales consultant, we treat each person with dignity and respect while encompassing compassion, empathy, understanding, and fairness to build long lasting business relationships. Credit Card Industry vows never to put profits before people. Our philosophy is to establish partnerships with quality companies, deliver products and services that will add value to our merchants, and provide unrivaled customer service. We hold ourselves accountable to our merchants.

ATMology is created on an idea with the same philosophy, to provide our customers with the highest integrity in customer services and to add invaluable commodity to their business.

Offering Appropriately Tailored Services

ATMology has been consulting with merchants and clients with diverse needs since 2001. We work with hotels, property management companies, gas stations, convenience stores, bars, restaurants, retailers, liquor stores, salons, trade show merchants, regional banks, affiliate marketing firms, B2B wholesalers, marketing and media companies, vertical industry software companies, and many others.