MX2800SE is designed for user experience, serviceability, security, and connecticity.

The brilliant 12.1-inch color display has capacitive touch function keys and a more elegant user interface. Our engineers added a light in the vault to make it easier to cash load and service the ATM.

The FORCE has an optional camera that photographs the user during transaction and stores it with the associated transaction record.

Wireless has quickly become one of the most prevalent forms of ATM communication. Now there’s an option for protecting your wireless investment as well as ensuring uptime.

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◾ 12.1 inch wide color TFT LCD
◾ 1,000 notes cassette or 2,000 notes cassette (up to 3)
◾ EMV Card Reader
◾ 3 inch Receipt Printer
◾ Electronic Lock
◾ Electronic Journal

Additional Features

◾ Lead-through Indicator
◾ Audio Jack
◾ Speaker
◾ NFC Reader(option)


◾ Height: 56.4”
◾ Width: 15.7”
◾ Depth: 23.0”
◾ Weight: 286.6 lbs.

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Nautilus Hyosung MX2800SE Images.
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