How It Works

NH Halo II

Step 1

Choose and Purchase
an ATM
(see ATM products)
wireless box

Step 2

Purchase a wireless modem to communicate with our ATM network.
Monthly unlimited service at $15.00 a month


Step 3

Receive a commission rebate on every surcharge cash withdrawal.


Step 4

Commission payments are mailed out or direct deposit via ACH to your bank account every month.

Cash Management Options

Never Run Out of Cash!

Armored Car Cash Management Services option is for heavy foot traffic and high volume locations. Residual commission for this option will be split 50/50 after expenses. Please contact us for details.

armored truck

ATM Marketing Options

Atm Marketing

Option 1:

Custom Wrap your ATM
(email us for pricing)

Option 2:

Custom Create Screen Advertisements
(email us for pricing)

Are you ready to take your
business to the next level?