ATM Advertising

Deeper Audience Engagement

ATMology Advertising was developed to maximize the ATM advertisement industry. We dedicate ourselves to exposing your business, by utilizing our nationwide, 24-hour, ATM network. ATMology Advertising offers multiple services under a unified advertising market place to commercialize your business with this ground-breaking promotional service.

Unlike a billboard on a busy highway where advertisement companies may have a census to estimate the amount of cars that travel the area, they cannot guarantee the amount of eyes that see your ad such as the ATMology Advertising group can. We can provide evidence for the amount of people that see your advertisement on our machines by using ATM daily monitoring and transcript reports. Furthermore, our transit media sector has a projection of millions of impressions a year due to the hundreds of miles driven daily by our: vaulters, service technicians, ATM delivery trucks, trailers, and the most aggressive sales team in the industry that all travel the most highly populated regions in the nation 24-hours a day!

Digital Screen Ads, ATM Receipts Ads & Coupoining Ads

ATM advertising encompasses many different types of media options, both static and digital. While consumers are waiting for the machine to process their transaction the advertiser has an opportunity to have a one-on-one engagement with the consumer. ATM advertising, in many cases, catches the consumer’s eye while they are making purchasing decisions as many ATMs are located in or around retail locations.

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Digital ATM machine ads are messages on the ATM display screen itself. The captive audience waiting for the their transaction to be complete will see your ad on the screen. A continuous loop running in-between transactions will catch the attention of those passing by the ATM.


Promote your business, merchandise, and limited time offers on the back of ATM receipts and advertise your products and services directly to attentive cardholders while they make their transactions.