ATM Placement Program



Advantage of Having an ATM in Your Business Location

Our ATM Placement Program is best suited for high traffic locations looking for the “No Cost – turn key ATM solution. With years of experience, you can rest assured that ATMology understands and implements every detail that is required to maintain a reliable and profitable high volume ATM.

An ATM Will Increase Your Revenues – More Traffic, More Sales, More Profit

Having an ATM in your business will attract more people to your establishment. Customers will usually spend more if they have cash on hand and research has shown that those people will likely spend some of the money they withdraw from the ATM at your business. With the latest credit crunch, consumers are using much more cash over credit. Giving them access to cash can only help your bottom line. It’s simple. Install an ATM and get more traffic, more sales, more revenue than ever before.

Additional Income

A smart business owner is always looking for ways to increase profits while enhancing services offered to customers. Invest in an ATMology ATM and you immediately create an additional income stream for you and add valued-service for your customers.

Customer Convenience

Your customers will appreciate the convenience of having an ATM available at your store and may patronize the business more frequently.


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◾ Hyosung Halo II ATM – $2,395 (plus CA tax)
◾ Wireless Modem – $225
◾ Monthly Cell Service – $15
◾ Installation & Training – $195 (one time fee)
◾ A Case of Receipt Paper – Free (a value of $60)
◾ Surcharge – $2.25
◾ Residual Income – $2.75


◾ ATMology owns & provide the ATM
◾ Merchant loads the cash
◾ Surcharge Split – 50% split
◾ Surcharge Fee – $2.75
◾ Residual Income – $1.37

*ATM Placement is based-upon location approval by site inspector.


◾ ATMology owns & provide the ATM
◾ ATMology loads the cash
◾ Advertising for business promotion

*ATM Placement is based-upon location approval by site inspector.

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